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Great Mobile Marketing Tours

Nothing is more powerful than experiential marketing on the move with mobile marketing tours. Here are some great examples of different ways to capture those consumers on the go. Hopefully these ideas will get your creative wheels turning for mobile marketing tours in 2020!

Go classic and sleek:

mobile marketing tour

Pinnacle Pet Nutrition wrapped a beautiful Mercedes Sprinter van and visited dog parks, dog beaches and radio remotes across the west coast. Brand ambassadors distributed samples, coupons and branded keepsakes to dog owning consumers on this experiential marketing tour.

Redefine an iconic symbol:

mobile marketing tour us

A real working ambulance was wrapped with Fitflops To The Rescue branding. The ambulance visited numerous locations across New York City on this mobile marketing tour to educate consumers about Fitflop's technology and health benefits. Consumers lined up to spin a prize wheel for a chance to win a pair of the high-end sandals and other prizes.

Takeover mobile urban transportation:

mobile marketing tour london

7up in London took over a classic double decker bus and decked it out in knitted yarn pattern by urban knitter Madda Sayeg for this memorable experiential marketing tour in Europe.

mobile marketing tour star cabs

Heineken did a “Star Cabs” event series in London which featured a fleet of branded green cabs to transport consumers to 30 different bars. Consumers could fill in their details and location online for chance to win a free drive and a beer.

Reinvent what to do on 4 wheels:

experiential marketing pr stunt

Holiday autos (a car rental brand) created the first ever lounging deckchair on 4 wheels. This “Ultimate Deck Chair” provided a mobile sunbathing space for two people and GPS directed the umbrella to follow the movements of the sun in this memorable mobile marketing tour. Naturally this ride also featured drinks, a stereo system, a refrigerated slushy machine and a built in sandpit.

To trike or not to trike?

mobile marketing tour economist

This hard working technique was demoed by the Economist as their brand ambassadors biked around during commuter hours and distributed coffee and tea and a chat about the magazine.

Take the Home on the Road

Inspired by the growing tiny house movement, some brands are designing small but smart activations using the downsized structures.

mobile marketing tour

mobile tour marketing

Dunkin donuts in partnership with Airbnb designed a tiny house that ran on a biofuel blend using 80 percent coffee oil extracted from spent Dunkin’ coffee grounds. The house was designed to promote sustainability and featured a porch, kitchen, living room, king-size bed, and Jacuzzi, with the brand’s signature orange and pink color scheme. The 275-square-foot home was posted on Airbnb, with two weeks' worth of stays selling out fast.

A multi-city mobile marketing tour can help brands significantly increase market share. and foster stronger connections with their customers. But that also means mapping out a strategic travel itinerary to target markets where loyal customers live, work and play, or areas where the brand is looking to expand, or some combination of both. So planning a mobile marketing tour’s route requires lots of research, because no one ever wants to be lost or run out of gas before the trip is complete.

Often mobile marketing tours plan to stop in cities with plenty of pedestrian foot traffic, such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Many brands also use mobile marketing tours as an opportunity to engage customers and explore testing opportunities in second tier markets. Experiential mobile tours also allows brands to work with their retail partners across the country and reap even more benefits from those partnerships.

But regardless of the location, the overall goal remains the same: reach the target demographic. No matter the vehicle a great mobile marketing tour always has one thing in common: the goal to bring a distinctive brand experience right to where their target consumers work, play and shop.

So as you can see there are lots of ways to do mobile marketing experiential activations and hopefully this article will inspire you to get your brand moving.

For more information on mobile marketing tours click here

Phil Provost is an experiential & event marketing expert, Integrated marketing consultant & President at PSP Media, an experiential marketing agency based in NYC. We have over 20 years experience in creating turnkey experiential marketing experiences nationwide. Whether you need help coming up with your next pop up shop idea or simply want someone to help take over the operations and management, our event experts are ready to help. NEED HELP WITH YOUR EVENT? Click here to get a Free Event Quote today.

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Phillip Provost is a senior media executive who has worked in experiential event marketing for years. Phil is currently President of PSP Media Inc.

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