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Pop Up Shop Marketing

  Experiential Retail: Pop Up Shop Marketing

Pop up shops are temporary retail spots that exist for a short time in malls, on street corners, and during major public events. This type of experiential retail creates a new point of contact with customers. Pop up shop marketing is an opportunity to engage with customers in real life. And the best part is there's no long term lease agreement.


Experiential retail requires a strong pop up shop marketing strategy that builds up the buzz. It's essential to use social media event pages before, during, and after the campaign. Also, strategic partnering up with other businesses will reduce the cost and reach more people. And don't forget about live streaming during the event. The shop will attract social media fans who see their peers having fun and want to be part of the action. Never underestimate the power of FOMO.


After the event is over, the pop up shop marketing continues with social sharing and stories from the event. Word of mouth from attendees will inspire others to come to the next experiential retail store the business opens. Now, maintaining that connection the company made during the event is critical—keep in touch with customers via a newsletter and use that opportunity to send them special offers to show the business's appreciation.


You don't have to take on a big experiential retail marketing event alone. Our team of agency professionals at PSP Media, Inc., have over 20 years of experience building and executing experiential events and experiential retail stores nationwide. From turnkey pop-up shop solutions and real estate procurement to location scouting, concept design, custom fabrication, permitting, security, brand ambassador staffing, and more—Experiential events are exciting, exclusive, and, most of all, fun for your audience.


Ready to get started planning your pop up shop? Then contact us today for a free quote.

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