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different types of experiential events

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PSP Media can seamlessly guide you through the process whether you want to have your brand ambassadors hand out some cupcakes on a certain street corner in Miami or hold a tennis match in the middle of Times Square. The following is a summary of the most common types of event activations as well as some services we do. With over 15 years of work in the experiential retail and experiential marketing space, PSP Media has a broad range of expertise and knowledge in this growing area of the advertising business. From sales to ideation and execution, PSP Media can help advertisers implement these production intensive campaigns. PSP Media also offers a full array of guerrilla marketing services such as projection media, 3D projections, street graphics, mobile billboards, wild postings and street teams.


Strategic Site Planning & Location Logistics

In experiential marketing location is everything.

Event Permits

A one-stop shop resource for securing event permits nationwide.

Guerilla Marketing

A full array of guerrilla marketing services.

Integrated Marketing

The integrated marketing tools have never been more important to brand marketers. 

Brand Strategy

Effective brand strategy is an essential component to experiential marketing.

Idea Generation

In the end it all comes down to the idea behind the experiential event.

Event Management

Superior event management is essential for every experiential activation. 

Social Media & Digital Integration

Digital Integration into experiential marketing events is integral to success.

Brand Ambassador Staffing

We are experts at staffing street teams for experiential events.

Custom Fabrication & Event Props

PSP Media will flawlessly execute the custom fabrication of your prop.

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Experiential PR Stunts

We know what it takes to create a press worthy event.

Hybrid Virtual Events

Hybrid events are experiential events which mix on and offline experiences.

Experiential Retail Environments

We can help you with retail promotion and boosting retail sales.

Brand Activations

PSP Media specializes in award winning experiential brand activations of all kinds.

Pop Up Shops

PSP Media loves to create anything that pops.

Breakthrough Creative

A great idea is essential to any experiential activation.

Mobile Marketing Tours

PSP Media can help take your brand on the road nationwide.

Projection Media & 3D Mapping

Make an impression with projection media.

Product Sampling

Get your product directly in consumer's hands.

Social Media Vending Machines

Who doesn't love a giant vending machine distributing limited edition t-shirts? 

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